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Logistics improvements increase carrier efficiency

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Waterloo, Ontario  May 16, 2001  Regardless of how electronic the global economy becomes, there remains the problems associated with getting materials from Point A to Point B. You can order whatever you want using only a browser and mouse, but then a forklift operator and dockworker have to step in. And during a time of semi-lethal fuel prices, getting materials where they need to be as efficiently as possible is crucial. Empty or less-than-full carriers doesn't make anyone happy, with the exception of fuel company CEOs.

Continuing to expand their line of logistics products, collaborative logistics management technology company The Descartes Systems Group Inc. has released a dispatcher's command and control system known as e-Dispatch Manager that is designed to maximize efficiency for carriers. Using real-time data communications between dispatchers and drivers, it enables distributed organizations such as Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carriers, expedited carriers, and retail delivery, home delivery and field service operations to monitor and manage their remote transportation resources across local service areas, and respond to changing conditions and customer demands.

Using a browser, dispatchers use e-Dispatch Manager to monitor pick-up and delivery activities in real time, compare actual events to the original route plan to improve driver efficiency, adjust route sequencing on the fly based on recommendations from the system, and produce more accurate and up-to-date ETAs for customers. Drivers use Descartes' MobileLINK applications on wireless data communications Windows CE and Palm devices such as RIM Blackberry two-way pager to send real-time status updates to the e-Dispatch Manager system.

The e-Dispatch Manager system accepts data from multiple wireless data communications networks. It provides multiple dispatchers with a single browser view of pick-up and delivery activities across multiple service areas. Combined with Descartes' routing optimization capabilities, e-Dispatch Manager can incrementally optimize routes and schedules based on real-time updates from drivers received through the e-Dispatch Manager system.

"Eight years ago, we selected Descartes for their innovative routing and scheduling technology  technology that no one else at that time could provide," said Nino Silvano, Director of IT at LTA Group, a U.S.-based carrier for specialty retailers such as Barnes & Noble. "Today, Descartes continues to bring us the most advanced routing and scheduling solutions on the market. We are now making the transition to Descartes' e-Dispatch Manager solution to bring a new level of responsiveness and service to our customers."

"Just about everyone is talking about the value of supply chain visibility. However, as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words," said Adrian Gonzalez, senior analyst, E-Business & Supply Chain at ARC Advisory Group. "Descartes has emerged as a leader in this space, thanks to its DeliveryNet technology and comprehensive product suite. In keeping with the company's vision, e-Dispatch Manager addresses the three cornerstones of Descartes' collaborative logistics management model, namely data sourcing, dynamic optimization, and adaptive command and control. In short, Descartes is leveraging its strengths to meet market requirements."