You Want Print with That?

PeopleSoft teams with iPrint to offer e-printing solutions to customers

Menlo Park, CA  May 18, 2001  Ever been in the midst of procuring and really wanted to produce some printed material but hated the thought of having to check out of the procurement application? Well, iPrint Enterprise Systems Group, an operating division of iPrint Inc., this week announced an agreement to integrate iPrint's e-printing services with PeopleSoft 8 eProcurement, which streamlines the entire supply chain, in an effort to clear up that pesky printing problem.

The integration will allow PeopleSoft's eProcurement customers to obtain branded, custom-printed items through a link to iPrint's e-Print Center. After proofing the order online, customers can return to the eProcurement application to complete the purchase requisition, which is then submitted for spending approval through PeopleSoft's workflow engine  a tidy little package that simplifies the ordering process for both the buyer and the supplier.

Tom Haley, vice president of Enterprise Systems Group for iPrint, said PeopleSoft enterprise customers will be able to streamline their commercial printing workflow, centralize control and accountability, cut printing costs, and improve IT [information technology] ROI [return on investment] performance  all from within their existing PeopleSoft collaborative e-Procurement application. This relationship confirms iPrint's strategy of tightly integrating our e-printing solution with major ERP [enterprise resource planning] systems.

e-Print Center's customizable features and specialized commercial printing services, such as brochures, bound documentation and promotional items, enables companies to tailor the offerings to meet the specific needs of their company. We can offer PopleSoft eProcurement customers a heightened commercial buying experience, said Mile Frandsen, vice president and general manager of PeopleSoft's Supply Chain Division. Not only does the partnership make it easier to obtain custom-printed materials, but it decreases the customer's cost and reduces their implementation time to virtually zero.

Both PeopleSoft and iPrint will co-market the solution to PeopleSoft 8 eProcurement customers.