QAD announces private trading exchange strategy

Carpinteria, CA  May 22, 2001  It's spring, and change is in the air around the headquarters of QAD, a provider of applications for global manufacturing enterprises and their private exchanges.

QAD today announced a new strategy focusing on helping manufacturers quickly set up private trading exchanges (PTX) to take advantage of collaborative commerce in their value chains.

QAD says it will leverage its experience in software for manufacturing to enable companies to quickly integrate their internal operations with those of suppliers, partners and customers, and to capitalize on new profit opportunities through exchanges.

The promise of private trading exchanges is that manufacturers will be able to automate supply purchases and collaborate in real-time with suppliers without opening up sensitive information to unwanted eyes. QAD's eQ software acts as an order management hub for a PTX. eQ includes commerce relationship management, sell-side, buy-side and replenishment applications.

"Manufacturers need applications that can quickly and efficiently leverage the value of their back office systems as part of a collaborative platform and information system that centralizes B2B commerce," said Pam Lopker, president and founder of QAD.

"Reinventing itself from a pure supply-side supplier to one that provides order management applications and the ability to handle fulfillment from its own procurement applications, QAD's product strategy shows where order management applications are quickly heading," said Louis Colombus of technology consultancy AMR Research, writing in a May 8 research alert. "Taking the early success of QAD as a barometer, it's clear that the key to growth of sell-side private trading exchanges has to be partnership technologies that provide for greater velocity and accuracy."