Synquiry Technologies announces content integration and information organization application

Belmont, MA  May 21, 2001  Synquiry Technologies Ltd. today released its software infrastructure and application composition platform, I-Synthesizer, to aid content integration and information organization management both within an enterprise and across the value chain.

I-Synthesizer is a rapidly deployable application composition and semantic integration capability that addresses the virtual, enterprise and e-commerce needs for value-chain integration in a cost-effective way. It stitches together content from enterprise and business partners' datasources and applications, regardless of technology platform or data formats, to give multiple views into the content.

I-Synthesizer also provides an associative linking between content both within and between models allowing access through user defined sensitivities, such as context-of-use or other conceptual and graphical relationships. These sensitivities, as well as the maintenance, update and other management functions are under the automated control of active agent technology, thereby ensuring dynamic response with consistent accuracy and quality, coupled with low maintenance overheads.

Inherently, semantic integration is the integration of multiple interpretations or organizations of information. It does this without the need for translation, migration, replication or normalization of that data while enabling all elements of the content to interplay together easily. Semantic integration also overcomes the programming-intensive data integration problems experienced by current technologies.

Karla Kelley, Synquiry's president and chief operations officer said, I-Synthesizer allows organizations to aggregate and share their essential content in the variety of ways they want with different perspectives to their users, staff and business partners.