Personalized License Plates

Provider adds to warehouse management software's capabilities

Tempe, AZ  May 23, 2001  Optum, a provider of supply chain execution software, announced the release today of the latest version of its flagship warehouse management system.

MOVE 6.2, features 16 enhancements that were prompted by input from a user-feedback group, Optum's client advisory board (CAB).

Optum MOVE is warehouse management software that automates and integrates fulfillment logistics into an overall supply chain management strategy. Optum says the software enables companies to reduce delivery times, minimize costs and meet unique customer requirements.

The new CAB enhancements address a range of warehouse activities, including replenishment, picking and put away, while promoting further use of radio frequency devices in the fulfillment process. Optum has introduced rules-based replenishment features that allow users to define replenishment rules to match their operational processes.

Other enhancements in this release include: allowing warehouse personnel to substitute one "license plate" for another of equal quantity and product type if that inventory is physically more easily accessible; picking from reserve if an order line exceeds replenishment quantity; reducing the number of tasks to fill an order; and an RF-based stock locator.

Optum asserts that the enhancements make it easier for companies to map the software to their unique business requirements.

In addition, the software features a new parcel-manifesting application programming interface (API) for integration with Optum's WebShip, an Internet-based application that provides users with direct access to preferred carriers, rate tables and industry-specific shipping labels, as well as other third-party manifesting systems. The new API allows MOVE to interact with the parcel manifesting system at any point in the user-defined process. The new MOVE also supports Extensible Markup Language (XML) transactions.

"Optum has established itself as a strategic partner in our business by delivering the technology and fulfillment expertise to help us reduce inventory, speed our fulfillment cycle and reliably meet the expectations of our customers," said Danny Schunk, vice president of information technology at Service Merchandise and an Optum CAB member.

Privately held Optum, based in White Plains, N.Y., says it is currently defining and developing the next set of CAB requests, which are due for release next year.