infoShark Attack

Just when you thought it was safe to start integrating data again...

Chantilly, Va  May 30, 2001  Montgomery County, Md., will use data integration software from infoShark to help manage its procurement and administrative processes across a network of community services and programs.

Montgomery County is the second largest jurisdiction in the Washington metro area and is the most populous jurisdiction in the state of Maryland, serving more than 855,000 citizens.

The county manages a great number of programs and services that use multiple databases to store and disseminate information, and it was looking for a more efficient, Web-enabled way to manage its procurement and administrative processes, according to Ken Goldman, application manager at Montgomery County's e-government office.

Data is often located in several places with no way to integrate the systems, Goldman explained. The country's community service programs alone generate hundreds of computer transactions daily.

XMLShark software provides seamless data integration with easy access to information at a single point of entry, greatly reducing time and expense and allowing better service delivery.

With infoShark's XML-based technology, we can now integrate our systems and greatly reduce the time it takes to develop and execute procurement procedures. Now we will be able to serve our citizens better, faster and less expensively.

XMLShark uses XML to automate data exchange between the proprietary systems of Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server for use over Internet, intranets and extranets.

Version 3.1 provides automated data mapping and data mobility capabilities. It has three major components: the XMLShark Development Environment, which analyzes data structure and maps it between data sources; the Data Integration and Messaging Engine, which executes data translation, compression, encryption and transmission from data sources to a target via common messaging protocols; and ViewShark, which allows end users to use a desktop browser to remotely access data over the Internet and load it into desktop applications.