Information Collaboration

fourthchannel, J.D. Edwards partner

Columbus, OH  May 31, 2001  Sell-side applications provider fourthchannel has signed on as a partner of J.D. Edwards & Company, a move that will allow the two companies' customers to use fourthchannel software in conjunction with their J.D. Edwards systems.

fourthchannel's ProfitBuilder Commerce Suite includes transaction, order management, merchandising and configuration capabilities. Linking the suite to J.D. Edwards' applications will allow for the real-time transfer and integration of order, inventory, pricing, product and customer data.

The benefits of this level of integration, the two companies asserted in a statement about the partnership, include faster time-to-market for new products, thanks to automated information flow; increased efficiency and customer satisfaction from consistent, accurate information available in real-time; better leverage of existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) investment and workflow processes; and improved customer responsiveness from automated self-service Internet applications.

Jonathan York, fourthchannel's chairman and CEO, said the partnership would open up opportunities for J.D. Edwards customers to establish what he called "a full-range assisted selling channel."