Make a Run for the Wired Border

PurchaseSoft brings NAFTA into e-business era with cross-border e-procurement

Washington and Westborough, MA  June 4, 2001  In an effort to promote e-commerce between the United States and Mexico, the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce recently announced that it has selected PurchaseSoft Inc., a provider of e-procurement software, for its "Wiring The Border" project.

The "Wiring the Border" project entails private/public partnering with the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce to increase sustainable economic development along the Southwestern U.S. border. It aims to create a virtual network of 400 small- to medium-sized enterprises along the Southwestern border of the United States, supported by Electronic Commerce Research Centers.

"Our Wiring the Border' project was created in response to the shared vision of President George Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox to bring NAFTA into the Internet age," said U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce President Al Zapanta. "I'm pleased to announce that PurchaseSoft has been selected by The Chamber and Cornerstone Communications Group as the right company to help pioneer this important trade effort."

Cornerstone Communications Group, LLC is the business development company for the Chamber's "Wiring The Border" project. The Chamber and Cornerstone chose PurchaseSoft to serve as the marketplace engine for the hundreds  soon expected to be thousands  of small- and medium-sized businesses seeking to become eligible to participate as suppliers in the Chamber's "Wiring the Border" program.

"PurchaseSoft has exactly the right software technology, administrative, technical and support teams, and the right insights to the entrepreneurial spirit to make this program a success. We are proud to have PurchaseSoft as a key member of the 'Wiring the Border' team," said Virgil Horton, Cornerstone's CEO and chairman.

The first area of trade to go online in "Wiring the Border" will be in graphic arts commerce. The B2B site will unite producers and buyers for virtually any type of printing and graphic needs. Other areas of trade will be added to the site in the coming weeks and months.