From the Home Office, It's a Top 10 List

IDC reports on supply chain services market

June 14, 2001  Large management consultants and systems integrators have a stronghold on the worldwide supply chain services market. According to IDC's recent listing of the top supply chain services providers, the leading 10 service providers captured a combined 41 percent of worldwide revenues in 2000, and only one was neither a large management consultant nor system integrator.

According to IDC, the top five suppliers in the market based on 2000 revenues are:

  • Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

  • Accenture

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • IBM Global Services

  • KPMG

SAP Consulting, which has a software heritage, ranked ninth.

"All the companies that ranked in the top 10 have established reputations in the IT [information technology] services market," said Ting Piper, program manager for IDC's Supply Chain and eLogistics Services research. "Most of them were able to capture a market-leading position by adding emerging, high-growth B2B e-commerce service capabilities to their core supply chain management capabilities."

IDC expects the top 10 players will get even stronger in the coming years. "During the next two to three years, we expect large and very large organizations to continue to streamline their supply chain and adopt collaborative commerce initiatives with their suppliers, distributors, contract manufacturers, logistics providers, and customers," Piper said. "As the market evolves, top 10 services providers must continue to demonstrate supply chain process expertise, deliver implementation efficiency, build global presence, establish client track records, and master technology requirements."

In its recent bulletin, The Top 10 Worldwide Supply Chain Services Providers, IDC reveals the revenues of the market's 10 leading players. The bulletin discusses why the top 10 firms have an advantage in the market and analyzes the reasons their revenue grew faster than the overall market.

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