Energetic Gateway

Taking energy issues to the Internet

Dallas  June 14, 2001  TXU Energy Services today announced the full-scale launch of its Web portal, which is designed to be used by large commercial and industrial companies. The site was launched to existing customers last year and is regularly used by more than 500 companies.

The gateway serves 39 Fortune 100 companies and registers more than 8,100 hits per month. The platform offers an energy management resource as well as tools to help companies manage the problems presented by energy industry deregulation.

"As soaring energy prices and deregulation continue to impact all businesses, online energy management platforms will play an increasingly important role in providing companies with the energy information they value most," said Jim Hess, vice president of marketing, TXU Energy Services.

The gateway is a customizable energy analysis and management tool providing energy executives and facilities managers with a Web resource for critical account, billing and energy consumption data, as well as industry information, custom news, weather, stock quotes and dedicated account management contacts. The platform also features a self-service section, online deregulation education and product training components, and an interactive energy management audit tool.

Aaron Rosha, energy operations specialist for the retailer Target Corp., said, "The TXU Energy Services gateway provides usage data at my finger tips. In the past it has been difficult to collect timely usage information. We use the information to look at stores, make sure energy usage falls in line and pick out stores that may need review. We have also used the portal to develop our deregulation strategy in Texas. We can move quickly because we have information available."

In addition to online access to products, services and customer-centric data, the gateway also provides information on TXU Energy Services' full range of energy-management solutions.