The Name's JAWZ. I'm a Cybercop.

Security team formed to respond to computer break-ins

Fairfield, NJ and Toronto  June 20, 2001  They're out there, they have a computer, and they're coming after your business. The only computer that can't be hacked is one that isn't hooked to any kind of network connection, and the last time I checked, that was a grand total of two computers, both in the Wahoo, Neb. Museum of Obsolete Computers. (Which doesn't really exist. I mean, Wahoo, Neb., does exist. The museum doesn't. As far as I know.) As connected as today's computer systems are, security is of paramount importance. Secure information management solutions company JAWZ Inc. today announced that since the inception of the Computer Incident Response Team (C.I.R.T.) earlier this year, the team has responded to more than 11 cases of computer security breaches from Fortune 500 companies, as well as requests for investigation and forensics as far away as the Middle East.

Cybercrime is on the rise and it's becoming very sophisticated, states Robert Kubbernus, chairman and CEO at JAWZ Inc. To date, legislation lags far behind technology with respect to security breaches and computer crimes. Businesses have no choice but to absorb the responsibility for the security of their most valuable asset  their data.

JAWZ C.I.R.T., led by Dr. Gregory Miles, is positioned to respond when a company experiences a security breach. The risks to a company that experience a security breach are numerous and potentially devastating, ranging from expensive downtime, sales and productivity loss, corrupted data and most importantly, damage to reputation and breaches of customer confidentiality.

We're finding that companies are starting to call us proactively to become an integral part of their business recovery plans, states Dr. Miles. There is no such thing as absolute security,' only mitigating risk  and that's where we come in. & We feel we're uniquely positioned to serve our customers from emergency response through to forensics.

Miles added, Cybercrime is growing exponentially. The technology and the tools are available not only to the professionals, but are very easily obtained by the bad guys.' Most recently we've witnessed attacks of the U.S. government Computer Security Group (CERT), which goes to prove that no one is immune to these kinds of attacks.

The Cyber Crime Response Group will address the pressing need for incidence response, cyber crime investigation and computer forensics throughout the United States and Canada via their offices in Edmonton, Penn., Colorado and Alabama. Additional support will be available through the New Jersey, Toronto and Calgary JAWZ offices.