FormScape Follows Function

North Carolina company adds BizTalk Server capabilities

Morrisville, NC  June 29, 2001  FormScape, a provider of software to help companies customize, distribute and manage business documents, today announced FormScape Connect for BizTalk Server, a document output management solution developed with Microsoft that extends FormScape's technology and products into the e-business arena.

FormScape Connect compliments existing BizTalk Server 2000 functionality and enables users to leverage and integrate all of their back-end infrastructure investments without reprogramming or re-engineering any of their existing systems. By deploying the FormScape Connect for BizTalk Server application in conjunction with BizTalk Server 2000, large and small enterprises can now overcome the limitations of integrating complex unstructured document and file formats, together providing a complete traditional and electronic presentation and delivery system.

Using its unique graphical design approach, FormScape Connect for the BizTalk Server accepts single or multiple streams of data from any system, such as Unstructured Spool File data from legacy enterprise resource planning applications (ERP), and transforms or consolidates these into XML format for routing by BizTalk Server through the organization's e-business processes. Conversely, FormScape can also transform XML documents into any desired output format and structure, such as print or PDF, for delivery within the enterprise using BizTalk Server or for routing directly to print, e-mail or archive.

"FormScape Connect for BizTalk Server makes it possible for companies using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 to 'simplify the complexity' when integrating their ERP and legacy systems so there are no restrictions on the mission critical documents that can be exchanged by BizTalk," said Joe Torano, FormScape's chief operations officer. "Providing this powerful transformation tool, complex processes that are rooted in established business, reporting and cross-platform legacy systems can now remain in place, reducing time to market and lower deployment and maintenance costs."

"By combining FormScape Connect with BizTalk Server 2000, organizations can easily and rapidly leverage the power of both their structured and unstructured data," said Scott Callan, Microsoft's product manager for BizTalk Server, "further extending their investments in existing technology and increasing the power and value of BizTalk Server. With the addition of FormScape Connect for BizTalk Server, BizTalk users can also include formatted documents with every transaction that requires printable and/or viewable documentation."

FormScape's data transformation, document presentation, and distribution allow businesses to transform the data and distribute it as customized documents via the Web, print, fax and e-mail. Customers have advanced delivery options, and can also customize the data with unique fonts, branded colors, logos, bar coding and one-to-one marketing messages, eliminating the need for preprinted forms. This advanced functionality provides a manageable and scalable solution when dealing with complex business documents and schemas.