King of Surplus

EarthKing launches surplus marketplace for Martin Marietta Materials

Westport, Conn.--July 2, 2001EarthKing, an independent e-marketplace provider, announced today the launch of a surplus asset marketplace for Martin Marietta Materials based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The web-based marketplace replaces Martin Marietta Material's current paper-based process of sending out quarterly surplus and used equipment lists to their customers. Martin Marietta Materials surplus equipment will be visible on their marketplace, and simultaneously be displayed on EarthKing's Surplus Asset Marketplace. The development project team consists of business leaders from Martin Marietta Materials, EarthKing and I.T. Rapid Solutions, LLC.

"The team at EarthKing is very excited about this project," stated Chris Ragot, President of EarthKing. "Martin Marietta Materials is an industry leading company that has worked hard to develop a channel of trade and a loyal customer base for their surplus assets. EarthKing has worked closely with Martin Marietta Materials to ensure that they can continue to serve their current customers, but also expand their market reach by making the equipment available to EarthKing customers as well. Our unique structure at EarthKing enables us to co-develop this product effectively. Our IT group, I.T. Rapid Solutions, LLC, is a separate business entity that continually looks outside of our walls for business opportunities. This allows them to stay on the leading edge of technology and at the same time increases the depth of IT infrastructure available for EarthKing. This project with Martin Marietta Materials is an excellent example of how this mutually beneficial relationship can work."