New technology just can't wait to get on the road again

New York  July 9, 2001  Quixi, a provider of sales solutions for the emerging mobile customer relationship management (CRM) market, today unveiled the Quixi Sales Solution to help enterprises address the low user adoption and data entry issues that are significant barriers to CRM success.

Using a combination of software and live sales support, the Quixi Sales Solution simplifies sales professionals' interactions with their CRM platform, leading to improved sales productivity and comprehensive CRM data capture from sales forces.

Quixi's hybrid of software and live sales support is designed to effectively address the sales data entry problem. Data entry is the most time-consuming task related to CRM platforms, and the primary reason over 70 percent of CRM implementations fail. Quixi's Sales Solution goes beyond relying on extending enterprise software to mobile workforces via wireless devices (PDA's, WAP phones, etc.) or automated services. While many of these devices and services can be effective at retrieving information once it is in the system, the lack of an effective user interface makes it difficult for a salesperson to enter information on the go. Quixi effectively uses people to capture and deliver critical customer information.

"Quixi has tapped into a real need in the market by addressing the critical issues affecting usage of sales force automation (SFA) platforms," said Denis Pombriant, research director, Aberdeen Group. "SFA is an important tool that helps sales professionals work smarter  but only if the reps use it and have access to up-to-date, accurate information."

PeopleSupport, a provider of multi-channel Web-based customer care solutions, chose the Quixi Sales Solution to further encourage usage of their new Siebel CRM platform. By using Quixi's Sales Solution, PeopleSupport will provide their sales reps with an easier way to capture new business contact and account information, leading to improved sales pipeline management and better management of opportunities through more accurate activity tracking.

"We chose the Quixi Sales Solution because it made it easier for our sales team to use our CRM platform and get our sales reporting data on a single platform so we can realize the anticipated benefits," said Charlie Callahan, CEO of PeopleSupport. "The Quixi solution provides a very useful combination of software and live support that allows our sales team to easily enter and retrieve customer data and report progress from our CRM platform with minimal training and without losing valuable selling time.

"While many companies have spent millions on CRM, the reality is that most sales personnel are not utilizing these systems," said Evan Marwell, CEO of Quixi. "Our Sales Solution is an easy and effective way for companies to maximize the value of their strategic CRM investments, increasing user adoption rates and creating more time for sales and customer related activities."