We Have a Winner

Vignette singled out by Yankee Group

Austin, TX  July 10, 2001  Vignette Corp. has been named a top provider of content-rich applications, according to recent research by The Yankee Group.

The Yankee Group, a Boston-based technology research and strategic consulting firm, recently completed an analysis of the content management market. As part of this study, the firm positioned vendors on their content-to-applications solutions, including their ability to deliver sophisticated applications that reach targeted users.

Vignette provided personalization and data analysis, in addition to enterprise content management, to deliver a more complete solution for the delivery of content-rich applications than other Internet application infrastructure providers.

"To be named as one of the top content-rich application vendors is a tremendous companywide achievement," said Greg Peters, chairman and CEO of Vignette. "We earned this position by continuing to focus on applications that provide immediate business value to our customers. Content-rich applications are transforming businesses by enabling a customer-driven model that can deepen loyalty, increase productivity and enhance profitability."

According to the report, "Managing the Content Explosion into Content-Rich Applications," the market for content management software solutions is expected to triple by 2004 as more companies invest in tools that help them more effectively reach customers. The report also notes content management tools will rapidly evolve into integrated suites that enable the swift deployment of rich-content based Web sites.

"The transformation of a Web site into a content-rich application takes place when companies interact with customers by personalizing content to meet individual needs. By focusing on the content being delivered, and tailoring it to Web site visitors, companies are building more effective relationships," said Robert Perry, senior analyst at the Yankee Group. "By marrying personalization capabilities with strong content management technology, software providers like Vignette are transforming the Web and helping companies move beyond the days of static, online brochures to a more dynamic, interactive experience."