Un-Limited Logistics

The Limited improves its supply chain

Burlington, MA  July 12, 2001  Transportation procurement and management technology company Logistics.com recently announced that Limited Logistics Services, Inc. (LLS), a division of The Limited Inc. that provides all of their brand's supply chain support, has completed a successful transportation procurement engagement, saving the company a total of $1.24 million and achieving full project payback in less than two months.

Using Logistics.com's OptiBid Network solution, LLS secured contracts for its ground transportation requirements, working with some 90 trucking companies across 500 lanes.

"The fashion-retail industry is trend-driven with highly perishable inventory, and this presents significant logistical challenges," said Nick LaHowchic, president and CEO of Limited Logistics Services. "Logistics.com's OptiBid Network solution enables us to develop more effective and collaborative relationships with transport providers that are able to meet our high service demands, impacting our ability to meet our merchandising requirements."

Using Logistics.com's OptiBid Network, LLS was able to better rationalize and utilize its ground transportation network, reducing its ground transportation costs. Contract evaluations were based on LLS's ranking of customer service variables such as a transport provider's on-time service percentage and overall ratings. According to Todd Kolber, vice president of retail sales at Logistics.com, "The level of savings achieved for Limited Logistics Services is significant, especially given the premium service level requirements. Logistics.com is also proud of the enhanced business processes we have helped the company to achieve through increased efficiency and collaboration with its transport provider network."