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Business keeps getting wireless

Atlanta  July 16, 2001  It's getting harder and harder to leave your work behind. If technologies keep evolving, you'll have to schedule vacations in an aluminum mine and then claim lack of wireless access when your boss asks why you didn't respond to his e-mail. Wireless platform provider Air2Web today announced it has partnered with Dimension Data/Proxicom Inc., an Internet consulting firm that was acquired in June by Dimension Data Holdings plc, a global technology company providing network and multichannel e-business solutions to global corporations.

The alliance expands the efforts of Air2Web and Dimension Data/Proxicom to develop and deploy integrated, multichannel enterprise solutions to Fortune 500 and other global companies. These solutions enable customers and/or employees to wirelessly access critical back-end information residing in existing customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or supply chain management (SCM) systems.

The Air2Web Mobile Internet Platform enables businesses to create, deploy and deliver enterprise applications to their customers and employees using any digital wireless device including Short Message Service (SMS) and Web-enabled phones, personal digital assistant devices (PDAs) and pagers.

Dimension Data/Proxicom's strategic alliance with Air2Web is a core component of our company's multi-channel computing strategy, said Greg Fucheck, Dimension Data/Proxicom's director of multichannel computing. Utilizing Air2Web's flexible and scalable Mobile Internet Platform, Dimension Data/Proxicom is able to extend the ROI [return on investment] our clients expect of their e-business infrastructure investments through rapid mobile access to key enterprise data.

Dimension Data/Proxicom brings an expanded global client base as well as a tremendous talent pool, strong methodology and invaluable experience in several vertical industries to this unique partnership, said Sanjoy Malik, president and chief operations officer of Air2Web. Air2Web, in turn, provides the most flexible and powerful platform for enabling anytime, anywhere wireless access to critical back-end enterprise systems.