Full Blast and Top Down

PanamaTech burns down the avenue with Silverline to improve transactions

Princeton and Piscataway, NJ and Mumbai, India  July 16, 2001  Software development and integration services firm Silverline Technologies Limited and PanamaTech, a provider of outsourced B2B integration and transaction management services, announced today that the two companies will partner to pursue joint projects with clients who wish to complete business transactions electronically.

In today's world of B2B integration with trading partners and multiple public and private e-marketplaces, it can be costly and risky to design and implement the necessary linkages to integrate system-to-system transaction processing. Furthermore, effective linkages need to be made with both internal and external systems  not only with the e-markets, but also with the clients' enterprise resource planning (ERP) or legacy systems and those of their trading partners. The PanamaTech-Silverline partnership addresses this issue by combining an efficient B2B infrastructure with cost-effective implementation and integration services.

PanamaTech has created the infrastructure necessary to provide primarily small to mid-sized companies with improved transaction management services utilizing the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format and webMethods software. The companies will leverage Silverline's eBusiness consulting and integration services and PanamaTech's technology infrastructure, implementation methodologies and ongoing transaction and management services to help clients deploy a means of conducting business over the Internet with suppliers, customers and trading partners.

"Partnering with Silverline provides PanamaTech the ability to reach more customers faster and address their needs in an aggressive timeframe and on a global basis," stated Yaron Inbar, president and chief operations officer of PanamaTech. "The partnership is very exciting to us as it clearly supports our aggressive customer acquisition and growth models."

PanamaTech and Silverline are both partners of integration software provider webMethods, whose software is the basis for the client and trading partner integration with PanamaTech's transaction gateway.

Silverline will provide implementation and integration services for PanamaTech clients from a team of more than 50 experienced webMethods consultants deployed across a global network of software development centers. By using offshore centers in India, combined with regional development facilities located in the United States, Europe and Asia, Silverline is able to provide clients with integration, implementation and support.

"A key for success in B2B initiatives is fast, low risk implementation," said Aravind Ramachandran, vice president of Silverline's Business Solutions Group. "Silverline's value chain integration expertise and virtual 24-hour delivery day  combined with PanamaTech's transaction engine  now brings electronic B2B within the reach of small to medium-sized companies."