Building Better Searches

Vality enhances accuracy, search capability of Open Market's catalog app

Burlington, MA  July 16, 2001  Vality Technology is adding its solutions' information accuracy and advanced search capabilities to Open Market's online catalog software, the two companies announced.

Vality's Catalist and Beacon applications will enhance the content quality and search capabilities of Open Market's Catalog Centre software, which creates online product catalogs.

Catalist prepares catalog data accessed from multiple sources and ensures consistency in terminology, units of measure and categorization. It also provides a "workbench" for ongoing catalog data management.

Beacon is a high-speed search engine that delivers catalog search results tolerating terminology differences and typing, spelling and technical errors to find the most accurate answers for users searching catalogs.

Vality claims that, in head-to-head testing, Beacon outpaces the most popular search engines 33 percent to 50 percent of the time in finding the right answer and putting it at the top of its list of matches.

Using Catalog Centre, developers can create product catalogs that include sophisticated searches, comparison tables and dynamic drill-downs. It includes an interface where business managers can make changes to site information through a standard Web browser.

"Vality's products will enhance the functionality of our Catalog Centre product, giving site users better accuracy and highly searchable catalog content," said Joe Alwan, senior vice president for worldwide marketing for Open Market. "Most importantly, Vality's expertise in these areas will allow our customers' customers to easily find pertinent information and make decisions based on accurate product descriptions, resulting in an overall better buying experience."

Vality Catalist and Vality Beacon are available for immediate use with Open Market's content management and delivery products.