AIT Offers CRM for FSPs

That's customer relationship management for financial service providers

Cleveland  July 17, 2001  Rossbank Telenet Services of London recently announced that it has selected Portrait, a thin-client customer relationship management (CRM) solution developed by AIT specifically for financial services providers (FSPs).

Kieran Hedigan, CEO of Rossbank Telenet Services, said the company had selected Portrait because its technology was custom-designed for the customer service needs of the financial services industry.

"Portrait is aptly named because it gives FSPs a detailed picture of a customer's status and, more importantly, his or her potential needs and preferences," Hedigan said. "What's particularly important is that Portrait easily integrates with legacy systems and allows the FSP to obtain a single view of each customer across multiple channels, whether it's the call center, the Internet, iTV, the branch office or any of the emerging channels."

Rossbank's implementation of Portrait is scheduled to be fully operational by October, according to AIT.

UK-based AIT Group introduced Portrait earlier this year in the United Kingdom and Europe. Portrait is now available in U.S. markets through the company's U.S. operation, which is headquartered in Cleveland.

AIT Group recently reported a 40 percent increase in pre-tax profits over the previous year.