Art of the Upgrade

ATG's upgraded e-business platform to help manage business rules across enterprise

Cambridge, MA  July 17, 2001  e-Business software provider Art Technology Group (ATG) today unveiled the latest version of its e-business platform, which will include enhancements designed to support the development and management of enterprise-wide Web initiatives with scenario-based personalization and relationship management capabilities.

Version 5.5 of ATG Dynamo e-Business Platform, to be released in the third quarter, will provide enhancements for managing personalization and business rules across an enterprise. ATG said that the new software will support packaged integrations with popular enterprise applications to speed deployment and that Dynamo is designed to fit into diverse information technology (IT) environments.

In addition, ATG says that Dynamo will include support for additional relationship management models, including portals and B2B initiatives.

Scenarios are business rules that are created with a visual, drag-and-drop interface to define interactions with customers based on their actions, profile elements, or role in an organization. They can be used in many applications, including targeting promotions, alerting members of a portal community or sending reminder e-mail messages to customers who haven't returned to a Web site.

ATG said that Dynamo v5.5 will provide the ability to distribute the authorship and management of scenarios across an organization with granular security and access control  moving the creation of business rules closer to the source of expertise.

Dynamo will also include advanced enterprise application integration (EAI) capabilities, allowing for packaged integrations with such enterprise applications as PeopleSoft, SAP, Lotus Notes and Siebel, as well as support for B2B integration standards, including cXML and RosettaNet.

ATG also said that Dynamo will be deployable on leading third-party J2EE application servers, including BEA, Hewlett-Packard and iPlanet.

New relationship management features in v5.5 will include the ability to associate individual user profiles with organization models. Scenarios can apply to individuals, members of departments and organizations, or people who have a specific role in an organization. These new models provide B2B relationship management capabilities for applications such as partner relationship management portals and B2B commerce.

In an announcement of the upgrade, Joe Chung, chairman and CTO of ATG, promised, "This latest release of ATG Dynamo will help our customers realize greater business efficiencies and the benefits of strong relationships with integrated Web capabilities across their enterprise."

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