A Turning Point in Analyzing Business Behavior

Pivotal releases new intelligence tool

Kirkland, WA  July 17, 2001  Pivotal Corp. today announced the release of Pivotal Digital Intelligence, which provides interpretation of customer and business partner behavior.

The new product provides companies with business insight into customer and partner behaviors as they are happening. Using this improved understanding of the specific needs and interests of the demand chain, companies can employ techniques to increase revenue generation by tailoring sales, marketing and service processes to maximize the customer experience.

"Understanding customer needs and preferences is key to driving product innovation, product bundling, marketing campaigns and ultimately revenue," said Bill O'Connell, executive vice president sales and marketing, IMR. "Pivotal Digital Intelligence is a powerful solution that extends well beyond traditional business analytics. It provides IMR with the tools to dynamically analyze customer and prospect behavior as it occurs across multiple communication channels."

Traditional analytics tools reveal only the basic patterns of customer groups, information that presents limited business value. Pivotal's new solution allows companies to optimize the experience of their entire demand chain by understanding how to effectively engage with prospects, partners and customers in traditional settings and over the Internet. This advanced technology enables companies to observe and interpret customer behaviors and trends as they evolve over time. As a result, companies can determine the success of marketing campaigns and content.