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Lettuce Entertain You chooses CriticalArc

San Francisco  July 18, 2001  In a development that will thrill the heart of every inveterate punster, CriticalArc Technologies, a provider of supply chain software solutions to the $376 billion dollar foodservice industry, announced today that Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises will deploy the CriticalArc Procurement Management System.

CriticalArc will provide Lettuce Entertain You with a branded, private trading network where internal units will have access to up-to-date product, pricing and availability status from each approved supplier and real-time reporting tools to view accurate purchase reports for enhanced purchasing control and food cost management. Lettuce Entertain You's suppliers will be able to update their information and receive orders online through the order management application accessible through a proprietary purchasing network.

"CrticalArc's suite of supply-chain applications is expected to extract significant expense from the Lettuce Entertain You P&L by improving procurement controls," said Christopher Hemmeter, president and CEO of CriticalArc Technologies. "For years we have heard about the significant waste in the foodservice supply chain and the opportunities to deploy technology solutions to harvest some of the lost dollars. We are looking forward to providing hard proof of that claim through our work with the Lettuce Entertain You organization."

"CriticalArc's expertise and proven technology is exactly the solution we've been looking for, on a corporate level and on a store level," said Martha Spezia, vice president of purchasing for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. "The ability to monitor contract compliance is essential to increasing efficiency and CriticalArc delivers a considerable reporting application and a sound implementation process to make the transition smooth."

The CriticalArc Procurement Management System facilitates collaborative e-commerce between individual units and their trading partners, providing chain operators with real-time reporting on unit purchasing activity and vendor contract compliance. The system is designed to allow foodservice operators to reduce food costs, ensure contract pricing and control unit purchasing, while streamlining costs associated with invoice processing.