One Step Closer to the Jetsons

Video collaboration via the Web continues to increase

San Jose, CA  July 23, 2001   WebEx Communications, a provider of communications infrastructure for business meetings on the Web, today announced that it has signed enterprise content management solutions and services company Documentum as a new WebEx OnStage customer. Documentum uses its custom-branded version of WebEx's large-scale Web presentation service to host internal company meetings, external sales demonstrations and seminars.

"WebEx OnStage is a cost-effective way for us to reach large numbers of new customers," said David DeWalt, president and chief operations officer at Documentum. "With WebEx, we are able to hold customer presentations and seminars at our Web site. WebEx also helps us keep all our 1000 employees connected and up-to-date without spending time and money on travel. WebEx OnStage has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective and productive way to communicate with large audiences, both internally and externally."

"Documentum is an excellent example of how companies are using WebEx's communications services to reach new customers, and improve internal and partner communications," said David Berman, vice president of corporate sales at WebEx. "The Web is the new meeting place for business. With more than 3,200 corporate customers and agreements with some of the world's largest telecommunications providers, WebEx is the 'dial tone' for real-time business communications on the Web."