MobShop Awarded Patent for Purchasing Technology

Company presumably honored and grateful

San Francisco  August 1, 2001  The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded demand aggregation technology firm MobShop a patent that covers online group purchasing methods.

MobShop's software allows organizations to reduce procurement costs by automatically combining multiple purchase requests into high-volume, aggregated orders. The large orders created by this application improve buyer purchasing power, reduce transaction costs and improve sales velocity for suppliers. The software allows companies to combine multiple orders across various divisions or departments of a single organization, or across multiple organizations.

The patent office patent number 6,269,343 to MobShop for an "Online Marketing System and Method," originally filed in August 1998. The patent covers online methods, allowing suppliers to make product offers in which prices dynamically adjust in pre-set increments as additional group orders are placed.

"We are happy to receive formal recognition for the innovations underpinning our e-commerce technology," said Jim Rose, CEO and co-founder of MobShop. "This patent reinforces MobShop's leadership position in the expanding field of demand aggregation and we believe this will further our partner and licensing relationships as well."

MobShop has eight other demand aggregation-related patents pending with the USPTO.