The General Would Like an Espresso

printCafé chosen by General Motors

Pittsburgh  August 2, 2001  printCafe has signed an agreement to provide enterprise-wide print procurement solutions to General Motors Corp.

"The U.S. corporate print buying market is in excess of $200 billion annually, and General Motors is among the fast-growing list of corporations implementing Web-based print buying as part of their larger e-procurement strategy," said Marc Olin, president and co-CEO of printCafe. "This is very exciting for the print industry because it highlights the compelling and growing synergy between print procurement and the Web."

printCafe develops supply chain management software for the printing and publishing industry. The company provides print management systems for publication, commercial and print-on-demand printers and also provides Web sites for the procurement of printm including large corporate print procurement organizations, printers, and printers' smaller print buyers. printCafe's buying customers include AOL Time Warner and Hewlett-Packard.

"This is good news for print houses as well," said David Holt, chief technology officer at Mail-Well, a printCafe customer and GM print supplier. "This agreement paves the way for a more tightly integrated print supply chain."