Exploration Cooperation

Halliburton subsidiary opens collaboration center for oil & gas projects

Dallas  August 2, 2001  Landmark Graphics, a wholly owned business unit of Halliburton Co., today unveiled software that it says allows oil and gas industry companies to work more closely on exploration and production (E&P) projects.

Landmark's Collaborative Application Fusion Environment (CAFE), a new center for what the company calls "collaborative visualization," allows companies to work together through desktop computer systems.

"The E&P industry in Canada is facing ever increasing complexity in its exploration and exploitation activities," said John Gibson, Landmark's president and CEO. "Landmark Canada recognizes the power of collaborative visualization and has developed the new CAFE with the goal of helping customers lower their finding, lifting and development costs per unit."

The cost of visualization environments has decreased substantially to a point that these facilities no longer have to be customized, restricted to large companies or be applicable to high-cost, high-risk opportunities only. The Landmark CAFE incorporates technology from SUN Microsystems, allowing it to run on desktop systems.

Landmark says its collaborative visualization application software is designed to fit directly into, and to leverage, existing exploration and development workflows.

The center is now available to Landmark customers without a facility rental cost. It can be booked by contacting Landmark Canada's Calgary office.