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Aerospace company opts for webplan supply chain solution

Newport Beach, CA  August 8, 2001  Supply chain solutions company webplan Corp. has announced that Smiths Aerospace, which products aerospace electronics for military and civil aircraft, has selected the webplan CeO (Collaborative eSupply-Chain Optimization) solution. The solution is designed to speed the production and delivery of products while increasing levels of customer service and satisfaction.

webplan will enable the Smiths to collaborate with customers and suppliers via the Internet. All stakeholders will serve themselves, accessing production, supply and demand data dynamically, in order to improve the efficiency of ordering and order fulfillment. The system is currently being installed at the Smiths facilities in Cheltenham, England and Grand Rapids, Mich. It will be installed at the Clearwater, Fla. facility in the fourth quarter of 2001.

Smiths chose webplan for its ability to reduce cycle times and operating expenses, its ease of use and integration, its Web-native architecture and its experience with other aerospace customers, including Honeywell Aerospace, Moog and Raytheon. Using the solution, Smiths and its supply chain partners will produce according to actual demand, which will then lead to a reduction of inventory costs and better customer service levels.

"webplan was the only supply chain management company we found offering a truly interactive solution that will allow us to instantly collaborate with all of our supply chain partners," said Matthew Quinn, vice president of manufacturing operations, Smiths Aerospace. "webplan will help us increase visibility throughout the entire supply chain, leading to enhanced customer service and reduced internal expenses associated with operations and engineering. We expect the benefits of the solution to increase quickly as we roll out the webplan solution to more of our facilities."

"Our relationship with Smiths Aerospace is another indicator of our success and commitment to helping customers achieve real returns on their supply chain management initiatives through increased productivity and reduced time-to-market through a webplan collaborative trading network," said Michael Ker, president and CEO, webplan. "With webplan, Smiths has the necessary tools in place to grow their business and gain an edge over their competitors."