e-Logistics Looks Good in Paper

Mohawk Paper Mills adopts Logility solution for transportation management

Atlanta  August 13, 2001  Mohawk Paper Mills, a manufacture of premium-grade printing papers, is moving to an e-logistics solution for transportation management and collaboration with customers and vendors.

Mohawk will implement the solution, from software company Logility, to improve logistics efficiencies, increase order visibility and optimize load planning. The solution, called Voyager Transportation Planning and Management, is designed to optimize transportation costs and improve customer service by consolidating orders based on destination, required delivery date and carrier.

In addition, Voyager will facilitate the processes of tendering loads to carriers, scheduling pickup and delivery, tracking shipments with real-time status information and auditing all carrier invoices, as well as tactical planning with reporting, modeling and simulation tools.

Mohawk will also use Logility's Voyager Fulfill software to increase customer and purchase order visibility, as well as provide timely shipment information to carriers and customers. With Internet-based Voyager Fulfill, Mohawk Paper Mills will collaboratively plan both inbound and outbound transportation to speed shipment-planning functions and meet customer service objectives.

"After reviewing Mohawk Paper Mill's existing transportation operations, we found opportunities for improvement in both cost and productivity by working with Logility," said Barbara Parella, director of logistics for Mohawk Paper Mills. "Logility will help Mohawk Paper Mills reduce transportation costs while improving our on-time performance to our customers."

"Logility Voyager Solutions will allow Mohawk Paper Mills the ability to streamline supply chain operations through collaborative transportation management relationships," said Mike Edenfield, Logility's CEO.