ePASS Go, Collect Customer Support

Ellie Mae increases CRM

Lake Mary, FL  August 14, 2001  e-commerce support centers, inc., (ecom) a subsidiary of Paladyne Corp., will provide additional customer support for their Ellie Mae's ePASS and Loan Origination Software (LOS) users. Ellie Mae is the leading Internet enabler for the mortgage brokerage industry and the largest loan origination software (LOS) provider in the United States.

ecom is an outsource provider of customer and tech support with a suite of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services that increases customer support effectiveness through the intelligent use of customer data. Its suite features proprietary data-cleansing and data-integration software that consolidates customer data from various disparate sources to form a single-customer-view, which is then utilized by ecom's Customer Service Reps (CSRs) in its Web-enabled center to communicate with client customers. ecom's other offerings include custom-built training modules for popular eCRM programs and professional services for integrating eCRM programs, customer data or tailored eCRM applications.

Under the contract with Ellie Mae, ecom will work in conjunction with the technical support team at Ellie Mae to provide a mix of outbound activities to increase the transactions using Ellie Mae's ePASS Business Center while signing up new subscribers. ecom will also provide support to assist Genesis 2000 and Contour Software users with software upgrades. Genesis 2000 and Contour Software are Ellie Mae subsidiary companies.

"Since its launch in January of this year, the Ellie Mae ePASS Business Center has been phenomenally successful  beyond anything we could have predicted," said Dave Hershman, vice president of sales and training for Ellie Mae. "With portal rights for more than 100,000 originator desktops and more than 100 participating vendors and lenders, ePASS has become the portal through which mortgage professionals are able to conduct seamless, efficient business on a daily basis."

Terrence Leifheit, president and CEO of ecom, said,  "We are very pleased to add Ellie Mae to our growing list of financial services clients. We look forward to helping Ellie Mae grow its product line throughout the U.S. and to a long and successful role in serving the company and its customers."