CAD Rocks in Boulder

PlanetCAD acquires eCAS

Boulder, CO  August 15, 2001  PlanetCAD Inc., which develops software solutions that integrate engineering data in the manufacturing supply chain, has acquired eCAS, a supply chain productivity technology developed by CastaLink. According to the company, the acquisition is the first in its evolved strategy to provide greater manufacturing efficiency through cycle-time-reduction solutions.

CastaLink's eCAS technology is a portfolio of productivity modules that addresses the supply chain automation needs of medium-sized manufacturers, enabling streamlined procurement, sales and order processing between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and customers. PlanetCAD will integrate this technology with existing proprietary technologies for communication of engineering design data throughout the supply chain.

We have long been committed to providing increased manufacturing efficiency, greater value and improved time to market for our customers, stated Jim Bracking, CEO and president of PlanetCAD. This acquisition is the first visible step in PlanetCAD's evolution to a fast, efficient and responsive business operation that provides excellent value to a wider market.

Cycle time reduction describes the ability to reduce not only cycle times, but also costs and waste in manufacturing through communication of engineering data simultaneous to supply chain processes. Solutions for cycle time reduction enable the optimization of manufacturing processes throughout the supply chain by ensuring that the most up-to-date product data is available at any time and in the right format, whenever supply chain transactions are made.

"The focus on cycle time reduction' cuts across the boundaries of PLM, CPC and SCM' to address manufacturers' most urgent need today  ensuring that the right data reaches the right people at the right time," said Bruce Jenkins, executive vice president, Daratech, a market research and technology assessment firm.