He Shoots, He SCORs

Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model now available

Pittsburgh  August 16, 2001  The Supply-Chain Council (SCC) Board of Directors today approved the release of its Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) in Version 5.0, now downloadable from the SCC Web site for member organizations.

Companies use the SCOR process reference model to examine the configuration of their supply chains, identify and measure metrics, determine weak links, and achieve best practices in order to increase the efficiency of their operations. It is a business process reference model that links process description and definition with metrics, best practice, and technology, and has proven to be a powerful and robust tool set for describing, analyzing, and improving the supply chain.

"Perhaps the most significant change in Version 4.0, now detailed in Version 5.0, was the inclusion of a new Level 1 Process element," said Scott Stephens, SCC chief technology officer, "The addition of Return extended the scope of the Model into the area of post-delivery customer support."

The scope of the SCOR Model includes all elements of demand satisfaction, beginning with the initial signal of demand (the order or forecast) and ending with the final signal that demand has been satisfied (final invoice and payment). Unlike traditional logistics, the supply chain model is specific to a product or family of products.

The framework of the model is based on process description. SCOR uses a "building block" approach based on five management processes to describe supply chains. This building block approach allows a supply chain description to be "assembled" across organizations (internal and external), industry segments and geographies.

The model is only available through the council's member section of the Web site.