Release the Release

Signiant's latest solution, Release 2.2, now available

Burlington, MA  August 16, 2001  Data transfer services company Signiant has released the latest version of its data transfer service solution, Release 2.2. This version provides enhanced Web-based reporting and job control, as well as increased control over encryption and bandwidth use.

Increasing the reliability and security of automated data transfer, as well as reducing risk and cost and creating new revenue opportunities, is the mission of Signiant, a privately held Nortel Networks venture incorporated in September of 2000. The Signiant service was created and developed within Nortel over five years ago, to secure the electronic exchange of data between Nortel and its partners. Businesses using Signiant's automated, bi-directional trusted data transfer services can move large, complex data securely, allowing them to extend their enterprise and share data with customers, partners, and suppliers as necessary.

Compared to homegrown systems typically built on the Internet's File Transfer Protocol (FTP), the Signiant service optimizes bandwidth, improves security, provides check pointing and restart capabilities, and improves user efficiency, said Lance Travis, service director, Enterprise Management Strategies, AMR Research. For companies with complex data distribution and content management requirements, the Signiant service provides a strong alternative to building an FTP-based system, said Travis.