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EcoNovo, C.H. Powell collaborate on logistics

Englewood Cliffs, NJ  August 21, 2001  EcoNovo Software Ltd. and C.H. Powell Co. have allied to design collaborative infrastructure software for the global commerce industry. The two companies also announced the availability of the first three ViaNovo Solutions, designed to reduce the time delays, uncertainties, risks and costs of international trade.

Patricia Seybold Group's Senior Research Analyst Peter O'Kelly, said, "EcoNovo has created a new platform for international commerce that enables trading partners to rapidly achieve an unprecedented level of fluent, global, collaborative commerce, all while providing complete protection and security."

"The inherent inefficiencies of routine B2B and B2G interactions, many of which are still paper-based, cost the industry over $300 billion a year according to U.S. Treasury and World Trade Organization figures," said John Burns, CEO of EcoNovo. "EcoNovo is providing a new layer of open technology infrastructure that allows any collection of people and systems to interact with total fluency among multiple businesses and government agencies."

"Our software automatically transforms the information that's already being shared into a special neutral form that can be accessed and enriched by all the collaborating parties. We then transform it back into the appropriate form whenever a user or system needs it. So the parties on either end continue to use the same forms, processes and systems they're using today. The initial ViaNovo application we developed in conjunction with C.H. Powell focuses on the forwarder/carrier/shipper collaboration required to construct a Bill of Lading."

Peter Powell, CEO of C.H. Powell Co., said, "The ViaNovo Bill of Lading solution streamlines the time-consuming tasks that freight forwarders, carriers and shippers must complete for the all-important Bill of Lading, without which goods cannot move. With ViaNovo, more work gets done faster because there's less time wasted on incomplete phone calls, garbled faxes, lost e-mails and waiting for international couriers to arrive."

The complete series of ViaNovo collaborative applications is designed to streamline the B2B and B2G interactions required for Letters of Credit, Certificates of Inspection, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Insurance, cargo insurance, and other strategic "pain points" in global commerce. All EcoNovo-based infrastructure software enables fluency between any collection of heterogeneous systems, thus providing a secure medium for conducting ongoing business transactions that involve multiple parties and complex business processes. The company's Universal Reference Models can be adapted and extended to accommodate any business requirement as it arises. As a result, the software represents an entirely new class of IT assets that actually increase in value over time.