Portal of Call

META Group begins analyzing portals

Stamford, CT  August 22, 2001  Information technology (IT) research and consulting firm META Group has announced the availability of customized enterprise portal ROI studies to organizations that have implemented, or are planning to implement, an enterprise portal.

The studies, produced by META Group's Web & Collaboration Strategies and Electronic Business Strategies advisory services, employ a research methodology that leverages the company's end-user interaction experience to analyze an enterprise's portal investment.

META Group's methodology draws on the company's experience with B2E (business-to-employee), B2B, and B2C portal solutions, requirements, and benefits. This experience also forms the basis for the company's examination of implementations, business processes and related benefits.

"Smart organizations are realizing that capturing ROI metrics should be a cornerstone of their portal deployment process  particularly in an environment of challenged budgets," said David Yockelson, META Group senior vice president and lead analyst for the custom studies. "As 'e' projects continue to come under intense scrutiny from corporate executives, CIOs and IT managers need solid measurement techniques for critical e-business initiatives such as enterprise portal deployments."

META Group originally developed the Enterprise Portal ROI Study to assess returns on implementations of Plumtree Software, but now offers it to any corporation that has implemented, or plans to implement, an enterprise portal, regardless of software choice. The study is available to both users and vendors, and to businesses across various vertical markets.

Once data collected from the client organization is processed through financial calculations, a white paper is created, detailing costs, benefits and ROI estimates. Three levels of ROI estimates  conservative, moderate, and liberal  are provided to account for subjective assumptions associated with portal development.

"META Group's groundbreaking portal ROI analysis was thorough, objective, and well informed, about both the practicalities of deploying corporate portal software and the financial realities of evaluating such deployments," said John Kunze, president and CEO of Plumtree Software. "The program works because META Group combines financial savvy with technical know-how. Above all, our customers have appreciated META Group's in-depth commitment to understanding their business."