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Razorfish, Microsoft developing .NET technologies

New York  August 22, 2001  Even as Microsoft faces increasing public protests about its business methods, companies are moving ahead with plans to be incorporated into those methods. (Perhaps one of Microsoft's image problems is that it too often self-proclaims its friendly nature. If you're really friendly, you don't need to broadcast that fact. Mr. Rogers never referred to himself as Friendly Mr. Rogers.) To that end, Razorfish has developed of a set of solutions built with Microsoft .NET technologies that are designed to provide e-businesses with service offerings including digital business design, knowledge management, customer relationship enhancement and information dissemination.

.NET is described as Microsoft's platform for XML Web services, the next generation of software that connects the world of information, devices and people in a unified, personalized way.' The .NET platform enables the creation and use of XML-based applications, processes, and Web sites as services that share and combine information and functionality with each other by design, on any platform or smart device, to provide tailored solutions for organizations and individuals.

Over the past six months, Razorfish and Microsoft have worked together to develop new solution strategies by initiating prototype and scenario-based development projects at the Microsoft Technology Center's Envisioning Lab in Waltham, Mass. Microsoft provided Razorfish with access to the Early Adoption Programs to support prototype development involving the Microsoft .NET Platform. To extend the solution strategies, the center also provides Razorfish with training to support and streamline all .NET-related engagements.

The goal of the program is to continue to take advantage of Microsoft .NET technology and allow Razorfish to develop specific client solutions designed to generate a worthwhile return on investment (ROI) through improved relationship management, both externally and internally.

"We are very pleased that Razorfish used the Microsoft Technology Center to develop specific solutions based on Microsoft .NET technologies that showcase real solutions to real business problems in today's economy," said Peter Boit, vice president of E-Commerce at Microsoft. "Razorfish is developing innovative and creative solutions for their clients showing the true capability of Microsoft technology combined with a compelling user experience."

"By integrating the Microsoft .NET Platform into Razorfish's service offerings, we are able to further strengthen our technology capabilities and provide our clients with Microsoft's leading-edge enterprise platform," said Bob Lord, executive vice president of Razorfish. "This relationship has enhanced our current value-added service offering and opened valuable new channels into the enterprise market."