E2open with i2

Collaboration, supply chain planning firms to work together

Belmont, CA August 23, 2001  It was announced earlier this week that i2 will license key E2open technology for use in a scalable common architecture to power newly available RosettaNet-enabled collaboration solutions. This architecture, which integrates RosettaNet processes with i2's existing products, is designed to drive adoption of RosettaNet-enabled collaboration and execution-process technology to trading partners in the electronics industry.

By using collaboration solutions based on this architecture, trading partners can connect to their supply chains through a private secure network, avoiding the cost and risk of building a network. The solution is designed to allow customers to bring their trading partners on board more rapidly, potentially decreasing supplier integration and deployment costs and facilitating better collaboration among multiple, global tiers of trading partners. This collaborative supply chain management (SCM) solution, which is currently available from both companies, can reduce chain-wide inventories, reduce lead times and improve on-time delivery.

"i2's industry leadership and supply chain expertise, combined with E2open's unique IP and ability to reach tier-one and mid-market suppliers, raises the bar for other solution providers, " said Joanne Friedman, vice president of International Electronic Business Strategies at META Group, an industry analyst firm. "While the industry has seen a plethora of partnership announcements, this joint solution and co-development effort may really establish a precedent for other industry players, indeed challenging others to truly collaborate to bring customer value and a real end-to-end solution for customers."

The common architecture enables scalable business processes integration between trading partners by leveraging key collaboration application functionality from i2's SCM solution and E2open's Network Architecture (E2NA) collaboration platform. i2's SCM solutions are designed to facilitate collaborative planning and execution between business partners to minimize delays in the supply chain. E2open's Internet-based network and process integration platform accelerates many-to-many collaboration and integrates SCM and planning solutions among the extended enterprise to help enable dynamic value chain creation.

"The value of planning, execution and collaboration cannot be overestimated. i2's leadership in supply chain application solutions and E2open's collaboration network, technology and RosettaNet expertise are unparalleled," said Mark Holman, president and CEO of E2open. "The tight integration of our products and continued development effort delivers unprecedented value to the entire trading partner network, surpassing both private-marketplace and point-solution suppliers."