A New Consulting Broom Sweeps Clean

KPMG Consulting, Datasweep partner

San Jose, CA  August 27, 2001  Collaborative manufacturing solutions provider Datasweep and KPMG Consulting today announced an agreement to deliver Web-based supply chain solutions to global high-technology manufacturing companies. By combining KPMG Consulting's integration services and Datasweep's applications, both companies plan to help manufacturers achieve real-time visibility across the extended supply chain, including customers, original equipment manufacturers, suppliers and contract manufacturers.

KLA-Tencor Corp., which develops process control solutions for the semiconductor industry, is working with KPMG Consulting to follow up its initial Datasweep implementations by rolling out Datasweep Advantage globally within the next six months. This implementation also will include critical component suppliers. In the next 18 months, KLA-Tencor intends to bring 50 key suppliers directly into its Datasweep system.

"The initial Datasweep implementations have been an unqualified success. We are eager to realize the benefits of the solution on a global scale. We are pleased that Datasweep and KPMG Consulting are working together and it is already helping us to achieve our global implementation objectives," said John Moore, eQuality program manager, KLA-Tencor Corp.

Datasweep and KPMG Consulting have teamed to deliver Datasweep's Advantage suite of collaborative manufacturing applications to multiple clients over the last year. Today's agreement will extend Datasweep's reach to manufacturers within high-technology industry segments  including telecommunications, optical networking, medical, computers and peripherals and electronic manufacturing services  by leveraging KPMG Consulting's global customer base.

"Leading high-technology equipment manufacturers are working hard to improve time-to-market for new products, manage the lifecycle of individual units, and achieve this while outsourcing some or all of manufacturing to multiple contract partners," said Robert Schoenthaler, vice president for KPMG Consulting's high technology line of business. "Datasweep's real-time collaborative manufacturing solutions can address these issues and help original equipment manufacturers increase their return on investment from ERP and supply chain planning systems."

"KPMG Consulting's supply chain knowledge, systems integration experience, and global presence make the company an excellent alliance member to help our customers implement Datasweep globally and capitalize on the unprecedented changes that are occurring in the high technology supply chain," said Matt Holleran, Datasweep's vice president of marketing and business development.