The Quick and the Dead

How to make sure your implementation makes a quick ROI

Newport Beach, CA  Aug. 27, 2001  Despite the tremendous benefits associated with an entire connecting supply chain, the task is daunting and many companies lack the necessary bandwidth the initiative requires. However, Kathryn King, director of project management and community development for IPNet Solutions Inc., a developer of software that connects Global 2000 companies and their business partners, said the task can be undertaken in such a way that it won't end up dead in the water. "Realizing ROI is really quite simple. The success a hub company has in connecting to every trading partner is what drives ROI, she explained. Implementing an e-business solution throughout all levels of the partner community can quickly reduce VAN fees and the cost of paper processes.

King leads IPNet's community development team, which is responsible for ensuring successful implementations of IPNetWare throughout IPNet customers' supply chains. When starting the implementation process, King and her team outline how a customer will need to proceed, step-by-step, from identifying the right contacts at the customer's trading partners to identifying the proper solution for each based on company size, technology and business goals.

In addition, King suggested that companies make sure they are using professional services' best practices, such as project management, technical design, installation, integration, training and support, to ensure a high-quality, successful implementation for each and every trading partner. The focus should be on enabling the supply chain as a whole, not just one piece or part of the supply chain.

Joanne Friedman, vice president of electronic business strategies, META Group added, Enterprises engaging in B2B should demand solutions that remove barriers and encourage participation by all partners in their trading community  the faster they are connected, the faster they'll see an ROI.