A Categoric Approval

Alerting technology improves the supply chain

Sterling, VA and Leatherhead, UK  August 28, 2001  Categoric Software, which provides event management and alerting technology, has worked with its customer LuxN, a provider of multi-service, intelligent, optical access network platforms, to achieve positive ROI. It accomplished this  by transforming the supply chain into what Categoric calls a fluid operation with improved visibility, reduced inventory and real-time response.

Installed in March 2001, Categoric's Xalerts product has managed time-sensitive business issues as they happen. LuxN uses Xalerts to notify managers via e-mail alerts about orders entered and shipped, as well as any problems with the orders. This has allowed LuxN to reduce warehouse inventory and cut costs. Additionally, LuxN can respond more quickly to fluctuations in the number of orders, helping it better manage customers' needs.

"Xalerts is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated technology that pushes important and time-sensitive information to the right person exactly when he needs it, which is far superior to having to monitor and pull data several times a day," said Rob van Herk, information systems manager for LuxN. "Categoric's alerting technology has streamlined our supply chain, improved the bottom line, and paid for itself many times over."

"With the slow economy, companies are looking to their supply chain to improve inefficiencies and cut costs, and Categoric is helping our customers do that very quickly, often within a quarter," said Thorgeir Einarsson, CEO of Categoric Software. "LuxN is a good example of how our customers are realizing that having the right information at the right time, and acting upon it in real time, is an incredibly powerful economic advantage."

LuxN plans to expand its use of Xalerts' to automate the order process with suppliers, and will also take advantage of the software's other features, including personalization, interactivity and multichannel delivery. The company plans to extend delivery of alerts beyond e-mail to wireless devices, and employ Xalerts' two-way interactivity to allow managers to respond to alerts using the same device. Managers will also be able to further personalize the delivery and content of alerts.