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C-bridge develops initiatives for Formuesforvaltning ASA

Boston  August 31, 2001   C-bridge, which develops enterprise commerce solutions, today announced the successful completion and launch of several strategic e-business initiatives for Norwegian company Formuesforvaltning ASA, a wealth management company providing services for high net worth individuals and companies. In addition, that company confirmed that the industry-focused solutions have achieved positive results.

Formuesforvaltning selected C-bridge to design, develop and launch multiple e-business solutions to its financial advisors and their customers. C-bridge created an internal portal geared toward increasing Formuesforvaltning's efficiency and streamlining operational costs by automating formerly manual processes. In addition, the solution includes a private trading exchange for clients.

"We are impressed with C-bridge's ability to develop and deploy our portals quickly without sacrificing usability or functionality," said Knut Jorde, CEO of Formuesforvaltning. "C-bridge's technology solution has measurably bolstered our brand and firmly places us among the most technologically advanced financial services companies in Norway, where we fully realize the benefits of financial planning."

During the diagnostic phase of the project, C-bridge evaluated Formuesforvaltning's product offerings and determined that a private trading exchange was needed to deliver core financial information to customers, such as account status, interest calculators and pending orders. Now, customers have continuous access to account information, and an interactive component of the site allows customers to ask questions of their advisors. This enables better customer relationships and increased efficiency for both customers and the company's advisors. Additionally, the C-bridge solution provides financial advisors, based throughout Norway, with a uniform method to complete portfolio management and run reports, further adding to Formuesforvaltning's efficiency.

"The portals we implemented for Formuesforvaltning are critical for all financial services companies hoping to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market," said Jon Scheele, C-bridge Managing Director in Norway. "Our deep industry knowledge in the financial services sector translates readily into success worldwide. We're very pleased to have helped Formuesforvaltning advance its ability to manage and expand its Enterprise Commerce initiatives.