Truck 54, Where Are You?

High-tech keeps trucking with new management tools

Portland, OR  August 31, 2001  Freight-exchange network operator TransCore has launched TruckersEdge, which the company describes as a multichannel  voice, fax, kiosk and Internet  suite of business management tools designed for the distinct needs of owner operators, small-fleet drivers, and their business partners who supply freight.

TruckersEdge integrates TransCore's load-planning services, powered by the DAT Services freight-exchange network, with the Viastar fuel and cash-management system, which includes regulatory and driver-compliance services. Specifically designed for TransCore's smaller customers, TruckersEdge will complement TransCore Exchange, the company's Internet freight marketplace designed for medium to large brokers and carriers who want to negotiate freight online.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 81.6 percent of all registered carriers maintain 20 or fewer trucks, many with drivers who source their own freight. Small carriers can have difficulty accessing the Internet-only business tools currently available, hampering the carrier's ability to maximize operating efficiency.

"Carriers' business needs vary widely depending upon their location and the progress of the haul," said Marc Cameron, TransCore's Commercial Services Group COO. "With TruckersEdge, we've solved this problem by providing a voice, truck-stop kiosk and Web-accessible business partner for small fleets and the brokers looking to do business with them."

TruckersEdge is available via flat-rate subscriptions, with customers selecting from a menu of services depending on their needs. Using TruckersEdge, drivers and their business partners who provide freight can access TransCore's load-planning network for small carriers, as well as services including fuel-purchase reporting, driver advances, record-keeping for driver compliance and regulatory requirements. Additional business tools include mileage and routing, business directories, weather and road conditions, and lane volume comparisons. TruckersEdge telephone representatives are available to provide personal business advice on appropriate services and to assist carriers with preplanning their next load.


For a more in-depth look at transportation's efforts at e-commerce, look for the November issue of iSource Business.