Worxx for Me

Making the plant floor e-worthy

Sarasota, FL  August 31, 2001  e-Commerce is permeating both the boardroom and the workshop. Which is a good thing. It's a neat trick to source for overseas operations from your desktop, but a lot of supply chain work is still done, and will always be done, in a hands-on manner. Someone has to fix, maintain or replace all the machinery supporting the global business infrastructure, and the less time they have to spend doing it, the better your company's bottom line.

In a development indicative of that move to e-nabling every aspect of business, Intelliworxx, a Florida-based mobile technology corporation, announced that the Royal Navy, in cooperation with BAE SYSTEMS, has released initial results of their MentorWorxx Systems pilot program for the 1007 Radar System completed late last year. These results show a 30 percent decrease in the time required to accurately diagnose a maintenance problem when using the MentorWorxx System and a reduction in classroom training time from 5 days to 90 minutes.

Personnel chosen for the pilot group in the mentoring program came from non sub-specialized backgrounds typical of the radar system, such as medium-caliber guns and sonar sets. The pilot participants were given a 90-minute safety orientation and short overview to the mobile computer and mentoring system provided by Intelliworxx but no actual training on the 1007 Radar System. The mentoring system content included the same information as provided in the classroom and procedure manuals formatted for on-the-job delivery via Intelliworxx' VoiceTablet mobile computer. The pilot group was contrasted against a control group trained to perform maintenance on the 1007 Radar System through the Royal Navy's standard certification program that includes five days of classroom training. Despite the lack of formal training on the radar system, the pilot group was able to out-perform the control group in both the time and the accuracy of diagnosing maintenance problems in a statistically significant manner.

Lieutenant Commander David Joyce of the Royal Navy said, "We're looking forward to sharing detailed results at the I/ITSEC conference. As military equipment continues to increase in complexity, the use of Mentoring (EPSS) has been proven to provide a solution for cost-effective maintenance."

MentorWorxx is a user-interactive (voice, touch, pen, keyboard), multimedia mentoring system that provides mobile technology workers with comprehensive data and learning at the point of use, with a human-to-human interface. The MentorWorxx solution includes the conversion of legacy data by Intelliworxx partner EER Systems of Chantilly, VA. into MentorWorxx applications and brings data from often disparate sources into an intuitive format.

James Roach, vice president of Mentoring Systems for Intelliworxx, stated, "This study reaffirms findings from previous military projects. Our mentoring system reduces maintenance costs and provides a more effective training tool than the classroom. The dramatic results of the Royal Navy study confirm that our mentoring approach fulfills the information needs of today's technology workers."