It's 10p.m.; Do You Know Where Your Fleet Is?

Fleet management system to enable real-time vehicle location

Garden Grove, CA  September 5, 2001  Teletrac, a provider of vehicle location-based fleet management systems for metropolitan based commercial fleets, has announced that it will offer Fleetstar, a fleet management system, which experienced broad success in the European commercial fleet market after its introduction by the Bedfordshire, England-based Trafficmaster.

Fleetstar offers daily or weekly summaries to address directional routing, route adherence, on time performance, driver safety and vehicle maintenance. All information is downloaded through the wireless connection, whether the vehicle is stored in a company yard in off-hours or at the driver's home. In addition, Fleetstar provides access to each vehicle's location anytime that information is required.

However, the most requested feature, according to Steven Settelmayer, Teletrac's director of sales and marketing, is real-time vehicle location anywhere in the United States. This is provided for Fleetstar by Numerex Corp., a technology company comprised of operating subsidiaries that develop and market a wide range of communications products and services. "Fleetstar takes the final step so Teletrac can provide service to all commercial fleet customers throughout the United States."

Fleetstar recently received the United Kingdom's Institute of Transport Management's `Award of Excellence 2001' for Innovation in Fleet. Kieran Ring, executive director of the ITM and chairman of its Fleet committee commented, "The response of both the ITM members and the Fleet panel in favour of Fleetstar's product reflects the scope of the product and the sector's need for precision in real-time traffic information. The panel regarded the application as an important new addition to fleet software and the versatility of its applications was considered to be unmatched."