A Big Pool of Noosh

Whirlpool signs collaborative procurement agreement with Noosh

Palo Alto, CA  September 6, 2001  B2B veteran Noosh Inc. is showing up its neophyte competitors today by announcing the landing of a major contract with home appliance behemoth Whirlpool Corp. The e-business software provider has signed an agreement with Whirlpool to provide the company with its collaborative procurement solution.

Whirlpool is no newcomer to the world of e-business either. In 1994, the company initiated a "Creative Works Project" aimed at streamlining collaborative processes with its advertising, design, and printing partners. In 1999, the company considered building its own electronic network to centralize messaging among project participants. Instead the company became a beta-site, and later a customer of Impresse.com, one of the first B2B collaboration platforms. In 2001, the company reevaluated the available solutions in collaborative procurement and determined that Noosh was the best solution for the company's future needs.

Linda Ludwig, Whirlpool's manager of creative and publishing services, said of the agreement, "Our deployment is moving along rapidly and we see many opportunities to expand our usage of Noosh in other areas of the company."

"Being chosen by Whirlpool is very significant for us because Whirlpool has demonstrated vision and know-how in managing complex spending categories with collaborative commerce tools," commented Ofer Ben-Shachar, president and CEO of Noosh. "We look forward to working with the Whirlpool team."