Automating Courier Selection for Critical Parts

Sameday claims new tools will reduce order-to-delivery time

Los Angeles  September 6, 2001  Companies managing critical service parts operations now have a new tool for automating courier selection with the release of software from Sameday Technologies, a provider of Web-based inventory management software.

Syntempo Critical Delivery Manager is part of a suite of software from Sameday offering order entry, order management, inventory tracking, warehouse management, replenishment planning and depot stock management capabilities.

The software provider says its inventory management suite can help companies extend their enterprise systems to manage inventory and orders residing with customers, suppliers and third-party providers.

Syntempo will now offer customers access to a browser-based tool that aggregates courier information so customers can choose and order service from the most appropriate courier for each shipment based on price, service levels and performance.

Customers will also be able to use such features as online tracking, customizable reports, e-mailed shipping and delivery notifications and consolidated invoicing for deliveries placed through the system.

Sameday says various companies in the high-tech, telecommunications and aerospace industries currently use the software to manage inventory and orders for critical parts distribution networks. These users will be able to use the new software tool to source couriers through a Web browser, matching orders with inventory and courier availability.

This automation should let field technicians and service representatives immediately execute orders online, which Sameday claims will improve productivity and reduce order-to-delivery time and uncertainty of critical parts or components with rapid delivery requirements.

"Customers using Syntempo for critical service parts networks can manage external inventory and orders as if they were within their own enterprise, and now with our courier sourcing tool, customers have a single platform to execute all of their service parts distribution needs," said Alex Nesbitt, president and CEO of Sameday Technologies.

The modular components of Syntempo can be used on a standalone basis or integrated with existing systems.