10 to 1 Odds

Cyclone promises 10 trading links within a week

Scottsdale, AZ  September 24, 2001  Cyclone Commerce, a provider of solutions that create open business connections for B2B e-commerce, today announced a new "10-in-1" guarantee designed to help businesses unlock the value of technology investments by connecting trading partners to securely exchange enterprise information with others.

Businesses that take advantage of the Cyclone offer are guaranteed to create a trading link with at least 10 value chain partners within one week of implementing the Cyclone Interchange solution. Rapidly connecting trading partners will enable businesses to increase transaction volumes and decrease costs, resulting in a faster return on dollars invested in e-business systems.

"Our solutions remove the barriers that have been throttling e-commerce  specifically, approaches from some integration suppliers that require 'hardwired' trading partner connections," said Phil Myers, president and chief operations officer of Cyclone Commerce. "Proprietary solutions have slowed the creation of connections and, in turn, the adoption rate of B2B e-commerce. Myers went on to say that his company's solution would help to eliminate that business bottleneck.

The "10-in-1" guarantee is designed to counter the inability of trading communities to rapidly connect and collaborate with all members in the value chain. Because the Cyclone Interchange solution allows companies to establish and manage trading-partner connections with value chain, regardless of the chain's size, return on investment is gained more quickly. With alternative methods, creating trading connections requires integration of proprietary and "closed" end-points. As a result, only a handful of potential companies composing a typical supply chain can participate.

The "10-in-1" guarantee is available immediately to new or existing customers using Cyclone Interchange enterprise editions. Once Cyclone Interchange is implemented at the hub, Cyclone guarantees the first 10 trading connections within one week. If Cyclone can't meet the connection guarantee, it will provide 10 Solo editions at no additional cost.