Heading off the Cyber Business Threat

Companies work to provide secure e-business

Greenwood Village, CO and Rockledge, FL  September 27, 2001  CIBER Inc.has formed a strategic alliance with e-Security, the provider of Real-Time Threat Management software. The alliance is designed to give customers the ability to know the precise state of their distributed information security environment in real time.

At a time when businesses and governments are seeing the need to step up security protection, CIBER and its security-focused subsidiary, Enspherics Inc., are collaborating with e-Security to offer real-time threat management tools and services to diversified clientele, including Fortune 5,000 companies and government entities.

"Due to the recent increase in attacks on computer systems and networks, CIBER and Enspherics are rounding out their existing [information technology] security service offerings, which include assessment and remediation, with e-Security's Real-Time Threat Management software to provide the managed services component in a single end-to-end security solution," said Dean Weiner, Enspherics' executive vice president for engineering.

e-Security's Open e-Security Platform architecture and products integrate and correlate security events as they occur from multi-supplier security software and other devices. With this software solution, enterprises can centrally monitor, detect and respond to potential security threats and get a seamless picture of enterprise security to enable a timely and effective response. Enspherics, which specializes in high-risk security issues, will provide the security operators and analysts to staff these operations around the clock.

"We are pleased to join forces with CIBER in this innovative and critical alliance that will help corporations and organizations monitor and respond to security crises in real time," said Nicola Sanna, president and CEO, e-Security.

As security becomes a higher priority within enterprises, Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) like CIBER are partnering with companies like e-Security to reduce the labor and research and development (R&D) costs of conducting manual real-time threat management. "The amount of R&D required to build, maintain and enhance a completely proprietary security management system will be an unacceptable drain on an MSSP's finances," according to John Pescatore, a vice president of Stamford-based Gartner Group.

"This partnership is a great example of three companies collaborating and developing a very strong go-to-market strategy," said John Stubbs, CIBER's national practice leader for Network and Security Integration. "By uniting CIBER's core competency strengths in outsourcing and Enspherics' security strengths with e-Security's software, we are addressing a critical need in corporate America."