Improving Your Workflow

Sterling Commerce announces new Workflow Manager software

Columbus, OH  October 1, 2001  SBC Communications Inc., through its subsidiary Sterling Commerce, today announced STERLING Workflow Manager, a new software that helps a company execute business processes from simple exception management to complex supply chain activity.

STERLING Workflow Manager provides complete business process modeling capabilities, allowing companies to outline how each step of a business process should be handled, then implement controls that enforce correct procedures at every step of the process  both automated steps and those that require review or input from employees.  By ensuring that the human elements of business processes are handled consistently, businesses are able to reduce costs, minimize human error and improve response times.

The software is tightly integrated with Sterling Commerce's file-based data transport and EDI/XML translation software (CONNECT and GENTRAN) to extend the reach of automated processes that customers already have implemented using those products.

"STERLING Workflow Manager addresses an increasing need among our integration customers for sophisticated modeling and management capabilities," said Sam Starr, Sterling Commerce chief delivery officer. "With a focus on the human element, STERLING Workflow Manager quickly addresses issues that might otherwise stop transactions in their tracks, offering an almost immediate return on investment. In the United States, it is targeted to our existing GENTRAN and CONNECT customers that want to extend their capabilities to fully manage business processes."

E-Commerce Philippines is implementing the product in its operations in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to this first formally announced customer, there are proofs of concept with STERLING Workflow Manager in process with 30 companies throughout the world.

For businesses using STERLING Workflow Manager, the risk of inconsistent data is minimized and islands of information that were previously dispersed can be connected.

"Streamlining inter-company processes requires a combination of rich machine-to-machine communication and intelligent human interaction. Although machine communication can minimize menial processing tasks, human intervention is often needed to handle expectations and important approval processes. Layering workflow software, such as STERLING Workflow Manager, atop a transactional system adds intelligent response capabilities, minimizing exceptions and improving the overall efficiency of an e-commerce solution," said Jon Derome, senior analyst, The Yankee Group.

STERLING Workflow Manager is available today. Pricing is based on a one-time purchase for a standard number of concurrent licenses. Additional costs are associated with maintenance and professional services. For additional information, call 1-800-299-4031, choose option number 2, and ask the representative for code SCI7140 or go to the electronic press kit at