Saba Updates Training e-Marketplace

Adds virtual classroom support and improved certification management

Redwood Shores, CA  October 1, 2001  Saba, a provider of human capital development and management (HCDM) solutions, launched the latest version of its online B2B marketplace for certification, regulatory compliance and critical learning content.

The Saba Exchange includes a "learning catalog" that categorizes subject matter areas to make it easier for companies to identify training providers that offer the certifications, skills and competencies they require.

The new version of the exchange offers such enhanced functionality as virtual classroom support and certification management, and Saba says it has enhanced the e-marketplace's usability and configurability.

Virtual classrooms allow for training over the Web, which can potentially reduce travel and other training-related costs. With regard to certifications, managers, learners, education planners and instructors can now receive improved certification tracking, including automatic notifications when re-certification is required.

Using the exchange, employees can go to one location on their company's intranet and access all that firm's internally and externally sourced training. Organizations can identify and manage preferred training providers and potentially negotiate better volume discounts by channeling employees to those preferred providers.

The e-marketplace can be used to offer externally and internally sourced training to customers and partners, and it provides a central repository for records concerning training, including information such as registrations, amount spent, skills gained and performance improvements achieved.

"The Saba Exchange will increase the market efficiency for the approximately $120 billion per year that is invested in externally sourced learning," said Bobby Yazdani, Saba's founder and CEO. "We expect that the Saba Exchange will help Global 2000 and public sector customers to consolidate their learning and content purchases and save money, while also accelerating the growth of the preferred training providers whose offerings add value to business customers."

The new version of the Saba Exchange is available immediately.